Build My List Review – The 2.0 Version

Does Build My List really put the MONEY into your pocket from email listing building? Find out in the truth this exclusive review and get bonuses to grow your list for free below.

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Creator: Jimmy Kim
Product Name: Build My List System

money-in-email-list-smThe phrase”money is in the list” is without a doubt one of the most popular sayings in all of online marketing. In fact, it is so cliche that even different variations of it are being overused constantly and lose their meaning.

So there is no Money in the list? Is it in the relationship you have with your list? The niche your list is in? The market?

The truth is in all of the above and none of the above. List is an asset, and as with all assets the true value, not the predetermined one, is based on how you use it.

So while it is correct to say “money is in the list,” how much can be extracted from it is a whole other story.  That is why it is important to learn proper list building to create truly unlimited income potential.

For example I was able to generate $1,338.06 in 3 days using just one of the methods found inside Find out how you can do the same.

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Review of Build My List 2.0: Email Marketing Done Right?


I’ll be honest, at first glance I didn’t think Build My List by Jimmy Kim was anything special. Just another email marketing and list building course like hundreds before it. However, once I started watching the actual training it all began to make more sense.

Most of the other email marketing courses I’ve tried just give a basic overview, maybe a rundown on how to build a landing page and finally give you 1 or if you lucky 2 traffic sources to use.  However, that is not the case with Jimmy Kim’s Build my list. Jimmy expands on the crucial details that really make a difference between earning $10 and a $1,000 from a single email. This is evident from one of the first videos in the training, List Secrets, that allowed me to increase my email marketing profits by 300%.

But what does include?

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BML Training – The Inner Review

The main course is broken down into 5 steps. The completion of these will give you both a proper foundation to earn 6 figures a year or even a month and the know-how to start earning immediately.

Here ‘s a quick overview of the steps:

Step 1: List Secrets – This step is a great introduction to list building. It answers the 3 most important questions about email marketing: the what, how and why.

  • What is list building
  • How does it work
  • Why do you build it

Step 2: Profit Machine – This step is all about the autoresponder (AKA profit machine). Once again the what, how and why are covered extensively in the training.

I would justlike to point out that with an auto-responder you will be able to collect email addresses and send offers and promotions to all of them with one click.

The best part? Jimmy offers you his in-house responder service for free (90-day trial). This will allow you to send emails to over 10,000 subscribers at once. You would usually have to pay over $60 for an account like that with popular senders.

Step 3:  Max Commissions– So what do you promote? Most product creators will simply tell you to go to Clickbank or some CPA network and pick something.

If you’re just starting out this will be a bad idea because even if the product looks good the conversion rate might be poor, payout is lame, or the product is not really suited for email traffic. That is why Jimmy added max commissions where you only find offers that have been tested and work like a charm.

Step 4: Business Wizard – Here you will get to publish your one-page website using a simple drag-and-drop creator.

This simple yet effective tool will help you build squeeze pages that convert by 50% and up in 5 minutes or less, all without knowing any HTML or writing a single line of code.

Step 5: Instant Traffic Triggers – This has to be one of my favorite steps because traffic is the bloodline of any business. The ugly truth is that all the steps above are useless if you don’t have traffic. Simply said, 0 visitors always = 0 sales.

Build My List actually offers some great traffic generating methods. There are both free and paid sources included with Jimmy’s own spin to make them more innovative and profitable.

Other parts of the course includes daily live calls, BML Brander tool, copy & paste profits, 25k a month case study, BML elite and bonuses.

So Is for you?

jimmy kim email marketingOne of the hardest parts of getting started online or growing your online business to the next level is choosing the right method. With some many different options like PPC, SEO, social marketing and ect. is email marketing still a valid options?

Yes, email marketing complements every other form of marketing and works perfectly by itself. Like previously stated, email list is an asset, and a one that will always help you out make more money online no matter what path you choose.

That is why I  100% recommend Build My List by Jimmy Kim to anyone that is doing any form of internet marketing. However, you have to decide if making 5 to 6 figures per month with email marketing is something you want to do. If yes, then click below to get started with Build My List now.

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Bonus 1:  That is exactly what my first bonus is all about . It is a free traffic source that you can use as much as you want to start getting visitors within 5 minutes of setting it up. I was able to make as much as $600 with just a single setup.

How did you find my site? The answer is most likely through Google or other search engine. That’s the power of organic traffic that can be yours with my second bonus.

Bonus 2: My personal search engine ranking blueprint will rank leads grabbing sites for you quickly and effortlessly. Best part? Once you set it up it will get you leads on autopilot for years. Just take a look at one of my site below. It went from spot spot 72 to first page and stayed there until now, almost a year later, without any more links.

proof ranking

Not interested in list building? Check out for full eCom Success Academy Review.

However if you need build an entire business from ground up you need Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn now.

10 thoughts on “Build My List Review – The 2.0 Version”

  1. Build my list system ,sounds like it can help the inexperienced newbie, which is the category that I’m in I want to get started as soon as possible with a system that is very user friendly I’m looking forward to working ,with build my list system, JLoweSr.

    1. Hi jLoweSR,

      I’m glad to hear it. Build my list is one of those rare systems that works for beginner, intermediate and even advanced marketer. Which is great because you can stick with it all the way to 6 figure or more without having to use anything else.

  2. Hey there, I am beyond having anymore patience left with trying to make a breakthrough on-line and although I am out of work due to health issues I will not quit trying BUT I need a mentor and one who I can trust. I pick you Jimmy!! I do need you to know that I am broke and homeless although a rented house is on it’s way to us. I will do everything in my power to change my and my son’s lives for the better. The only way is up!!!…

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I’m sure Jimmy would love you as a student. I’m so confident that this will work fro you that I’m going to help you out as well if you need it.

  3. Hi
    I have purchased Build My List 2.0 via your link because of i’m interested of your bonus offer, but how can i get it. Please send me an email & i will forward to you the receipt.


    1. Yes, Build My List Pro ($97) that includes done for you funnels, headline creation software, PLR eBoook and advanced training. There is also BML Elite ($97) that includes 10 weeks of live training, priority support, Jimmy personal email and other bonuses.

  4. Hi, I have already set up a yoga website which is beginning to get a few subscribers too. I use aweber as my email service provider. I would class the site as an affiliate website / blog, but I’m looking to start making some money from it. Would this scheme be of use to me?


    1. Hi Mike,

      I would say definitely! For example you can use the course to increase the number of your subscribers through your existing blog and other forms of traffic. In addition to that you’ll be able to use your blog to increase value to your subscribers. One way to do that is to send them to a blog post befor or instead of a sale pages. There are plenty more tips and ways to do in the course.

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