Les Brown’s Laws of Success Review – The “Greatness” Within You?

Let’s cut the BS and get straight to how Les Brown’s Laws of Success will change the way you look at your life. Is it really like Les says? Do you have greatest in you?

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les brownThe “Greatest” Within You

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you most likely have been told you’re great at one point or other when you were young. Maybe it was from your parents, grandparents, other family members or your favorite teacher.

However, if you are like most of us, with time you heard it less and less, and even when you did, you didn’t believe it. You took it as rambling of an old lady, or something along those lines. Especially once life started throwing you some curved balls and slapped you around for a bit. At this point you most likely felt it was childish to think you are great or special in any way. This is the real world after all, right?

If the above statements describe you in any shape of form, don’t worry, most of us are like that. If it doesn’t, then you’re lucky, but stick around because if you’re reading this, I know you still yearn for more.

les brown's laws of success reviewThe Truth Will Set You Free

I know all if this will not describe everyone 100%, but I’m always amazed how similar many people feel. Don’t be ashamed of it or try to play it off as if it doesn’t affect you. That’s what I did half of my adult life.

The truth is that I was one of those kids who got told he was great when I was young, until I wasn’t. Basically, once I started having my own ideas I stopped being great for my parents, and from then on it all I heard was how I’m wasting my potential.

Worse part? They never let me forget it, and every time I stumbled or fell they would lay it on me. However, once I actually picked myself up and got results, it in their minds it was somehow thanks to them. So you can’t win with negativity, and Les Brown talks about greatly on Laws of Success.

Overview of Laws of Success

So what do you get? The Les Brown LoS includes 12 chapters or laws, both in audio and text  form. It will take your passion, or find it first, to the next level while banking you big. A truly win-win situation.

les brown's laws of success

Here are all the Laws:

  1. Listen to Your Heart
  2. Leverage Your Gifts and Talents
  3. Let Go of Your F.E.A.R.
  4. Locate Your Team Members
  5. Lift Up Your Mind with Self Development
  6. Leave All Negativity and Toxins Behind
  7. Follow the Success Trails That Have Been Paved Before You
  8. Leap and Grow Your Wings on The Way Down
  9. Create Multiple Streams of Income
  10. Light Up Each Room You Enter
  11. Lead by Serving the Needs of Others
  12. Laugh out Loud and Enjoy Every Moment

les brown's losI’m not going to bore you any further by trying to explain each law individually, Les Brown does it much better, so just listen (or read it yourself). However, let me just tell you that this book will change your life.

If might not be with these great “AHA” moments like it was for me, and many others, in several chapters of this book. But once you listen to it, or do it a couple of times, everything will start making a lot more sense. You will see where you been and where you going much clearer. Imn results you will focus on your goals with better precision and determination.

So don’t waste any more time not being great, and find the greatest within you with the Les Brown’s Laws of Success now.

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Exact Model Review – Just Copy The Pros And Earn?

So how important is Exact Model for your business? A copy can either make or break you online, find out how and why in the review below.

Creator: Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim
Official Site: exactmodel.com/go
Price: $297 (50% discount)

unicorn-machineAre You a Unicorn Machine?

First of all, if you’re getting a 11.45% conversion rate or above on all or most of your pages. You honestly don’t need Exact Model, you’re area in the 10% of top online advertiser in the world. Or basically a unicorn creating machine.

However, for us mere mortals with 1% to 3% conversion rate on average Exact Model offers a glimpse into the 5% conversion rate or even 10% and above. So you might want to check it out.

Traffic VS Copy? The never ending battle

copywritingMost system out there focus on traffic generation, after all traffic, AKA visitors to your site,  is the bloodline of any online business, right? Yes, trying to to run a business without online traffic is like trying to drive a car without gas.

However, if you car is a piece of crap, or you don’t have one at all, then you’re not going to get far no matter how much gas you have.

So in the end you need both traffic and copy to make sales. The only difference is that once you start to understand the inner workings of online marketing you’ll find out that traffic is the east part. In fact, Anik and Jimmy included some fine traffic generation strategies inside Exact Model. Plus if you get it using my link you’ll also receive my unlimited traffic bonus for free, more details below.  So you don’t even have to worry about traffic.

Let’s Talk Conversions Myths and Facts

If you think about it, 1% to 3% conversion might seem low. Especially if you have seen those “internet” gurus claiming they get 50% or more. Which possible with once sentence click baits that trick people into a free offers.

convertion-ratesHowever, that’s not the conversion rates that set industry standards. For conversion to count it has to bring in value. That is why most industries are between 1% to 3% on average.

Take a look for yourself:

Let’s see how this works in real life example. Let’s say you’re promoting  one of the many digital products found on ClickBank. With a average price of $47, and 75% commission you would  be getting $35.25 for each sale you make.

So at a 1% conversion rate you’ll be getting 1 sales every 100 visitors. If you increase the conversion rate by 1% you will ultimately double your money with 2 sales for ever 100 visitors.  Meaning you can increase your income by 100% by just increasing conversion rate to 2%.

In the end, $35.25 to $70.50 doesn’t seem like a big difference, right? So let’s take a look what would happen to your income if you had 100 visitors per day.

statisticsThis changes things, doesn’t it? For example with just 1 offer,  100 visitors per day and a conversation rate of 5% you’ll be able to earn $4,998.75 in a month. Cam you see why having better copy yo increase your conversion rate is so important?

Let’s Talk About Exact Model

exact-model-productEugene Schwartz, legendary copywriter, said that you don’t write great copy, you assemble it. You assemble it by taking a series of building blocks and by putting them into a certain structures, you are building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in.

This actually makes perfect sense if you think about it.  Just remember the last good sales page you saw. It mostly likely was broken down into segments with their own focus.

It seems that this is exactly what Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal has done with Exact Model. They took their own experience with copy-writing and selling over $150 million in online products to break down copy into hundreds structures that you pick and choose from.

That’s why this isn’t a copy-writing course, despite that you will be learning it as you go, because you will already have all the best structures to use. Now all you have to do is complete it to make your own little city of desire.

What do you get with ExactModel?

  • Top 40 Email Templates – fill in the blanks templates that are proven to convert
  • 168 Effective Sales Letters – the meat of the course. You can use these to promote anything in the 12 most popular niches online that include:
    niches-exactmodelBest part? ith minor tweaking you can use these for articles, blog posts, promos or any other content on your website, social accounts or profiles.
  • 20 Upsells – copy to increase value of every customer you get
  • 12 Downsells – great way to save a sale from those more picky buyers

As you can see, no matter what content you need written, you can automate it with Exact Model. However, this is about to get better.

Free Traffic For You: My Exact Model Bonus

exact-model-bonusSo remember how we talked about Traffic Vs Copy? Like I promised,  if you by using THIS LINK or any other on this page, you will receive my done for you traffic bonus. What does that mean? It means I’ll:

  • Help you with your On-Page SEO so you will start getting traffic immediately
  • Build a full SEO campaign to your website, page or any web property that will results in long term free traffic based on keywords you select and wee agree on.

noNow You Have No Excuse!

With Exact Model you’ll be getting a way to create copy in minutes for any product, service or promotion online. And thanks to my bonus you’ll be getting  visitors to your page without any extra work.

All you have to do is take action. Click below to get Exact Model now and leave me a comment on bonus details.

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Dark Post Engine Review – FB Ads Missing Link? Bonus Inside

Is Dark Post Engine the missing link in your failed ads campaign? Find out how this 2 in 1 software can save you months of  learning proper Facebook advertising like a pros do it.

Creator: Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam
Official Site: http://darkpostengine.com

Dark Post Engine: The Missing Link In FB Ads

dark post engineIf you ever purchased a course or system on paid advertising you most likely did it because of the great results shown in the sales video. Results like 300% , 500% or even 1000% ROI are often displayed proudly by creators.

However, did you ever get that results like the ones in the video? Most likely no, and it is not your fault. The problem is that guys selling these courses have years of experience creating and optimizing ads to reach those ROI.

That is why you can learn their strategies, watch over the shoulder case-studies, but unless one of these guys actually manages your specific campaign, you will mostly not get that kind of results. The reason is that every ad will be a bit different and unless you have experience it is hard to know what to change.

So what are you left with? For years it was to find a great strategy and just stick with it for months (testing and losing money) until you’re profitable. However, maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could find the most popular posts on a specific FB page and than discover the ads that are running for it?

This way you would have a complete picture of what to post and what ads to run based on engagement (shares and likes) numbers.  Best part? Unlike case studies that show you just 1 or 2 campaigns with this you can use any FB page you want. That means your competition, similar offers, big gurus and many more.

Inside Dark Post Engine

dark post engine members area

As you can see above DarkPostEngine is 2 in one software.

Top Page Engine software helps you find the post with most engagement.  So you will know what people are interest in and help you craft something similr (or just copy the one you find?)

Dark Post Engine Software on the other hand unlocks the ads compaings if Facebook for a specific FB fan page or post.  So not only can you know the posts that are getting the most traction in your niche, but the exact ad copy used.

This give you the rare ability to pick winning ads campaigns from the start. You don’t even need soplit testing or cosotnly adjusting your ads.

So what are you waiting for? Get Dark Post Engine below now.


Push Connect Notify Review – Browser Notifications?

Is Push Connect Notify by Jimmy Kim a total game changer? Let’s review and see how it works below.

Creator: Jimmy Kim
Official Site: http://pushconnectnotify.com

What Are Push Notifications?

push notificationDo you know those push notification you get on your phone or any mobile device about a new text message, email, update or cute kitten video?

\If set up correctly  notifications are really useful as they allow you to to got updated on things in real time without having to manually check it every few minutes.

Now what if you took that idea and put it inside a browser? Chrome decide to do just that and because of its popularity both Firefox and Safari has implemented the same feature.  In 21st century we are all about speed and efficiency, right?

Okay, but what does it have to do with marketing and making some commissions? Well, you can actually set up your own notifications with Push Connect Notify and allow user to sign up. Think of it as browser auto-responder. Every time you make want to send a broadcast or pushletter you can now do it with notification.  Jimmy also included a opt-in page o now you can both build your email list and notification list at the same time.

Just watch the video below to see the Push Connect Notify demo:

Inside The Push Connect Notify

As you can see from the video below building your own notification list is even easier than building an email list.  You simply log into Push Connect Notify members area and create your notification box. Put it on any website that takes javascript (WordPress, Shopify and much more) and build your notification list and email list at the same time.

Once you have a few subscribers just go to PushLetters and send them a message about a new product, video, review, or anything you want. Like you can see below:


What I Really Like About Push Connect Notify

Push-Connect-NotifyFirst of all, it is brand new and if you’re know anything about marketing you want to jump on the newest and hottest things as they come out. If you’re one of the first people out of the gate, you will build your notification list like that.

Why? Because unlike ads and opt-ins pages this method is not over-saturated and there is no viewer fatigue.  It is a new and exciting thing that people will opt-in too.

Does this mean it is not a long term strategy? No, quite the opposite, for example email marketing has been and still is one of best ways to market for the last 15 years.  However, early bird gets the worm, so you need to jump on it now.

Second, it is all cloud based. This mean if you have 1 or 10 sites, all you will need to do is generate a code from Push Connect Notify members area. No need to install it on your site, slow down your servers or clog up bandwidth.

Finally, the email opt-in ingratiation. The way Jimmy set up email opt-it after the notification one is pretty genius. Studies have proven that once someone agrees to an action online, they are  more likely to agree to the second. So if they subscriber to your notification, they are more likely to enter their email as well.

In result you’re building 2 assets at the same time. What does that mean? Double the commissions and double the passive income. This is because a one part of your subscribers will answer better to notification another to email. With Push Connect Notify you get both of them. So what are you waiting for?

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Xtreme Builder Review – Jimmy Kim

You think you don’t need Xtreme Builder by Jimmy Kim? Check out my review below to see how this drag-and-drop builder payed for itself in less than a day.  If you’re serious about marketing online you will want to know about it.

Official Site: XtremeBuilder.com
The price is going up today!

Inside XtremeBuilder


One of the things that I used to love when starting out my online career is building website with WordPress. It doesn’t matter that it took me hour to figure out how change the simple widget, it was something new and exiting

However, as I started getting visitors, leads and finally commissions I knew I had more important things to focus on than learning how to add a like button to my website. After all I was a marketer and not a graphic designer.

So this left me two options:

  1. Hire/outsource someone to create sites for me
  2. Buy specific themes for each website

The first one was out of the question because I simply didn’t have the money to pay someone $30 per hour or more to work on my sites.

The option 2 was much better on my budget but lacked customization and after a couples of sites became too expensive as well.

So what did I do? I decide to use free stuff on my blogs like this one and just buy premium themes on my niche sites that needed to look more professional.

Xtreme BuilderNo more! After getting my hands on the Xtreme Builder I’m happy to say that I’ll never purchase abother overpriced single website theme again. In fact, I was just going to buy one for $49 the same day I bought XtremeBuilder.

Just check out what this baby can do in the video below.

This software not only saved me money on the themes I was already buying, but it also stopped me from using 3-party optin-page builders and plugins. You know, the ones that supposedly make great looking landing pages but for some reason are not compatible with current version of Word Press.

So do yourself a favor and grab Jimmy Kim’s XtremeBuilder while you still can.

Xtreme Builder Bonus

Not sure about it? That is why I decided to include a total graphic park to take XtremeBuilder to the next level. With it you’ll be able to create any site or landing page how you want it.

No more limitations on what a plugin or a theme can do. No more spending hundreds of dollars on a website that still looks like crap. Just an easy way to build and publish profesionally looking sites in minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Get Xtreme Builder below now.

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Leads Tunnel

Want to know the hottest email marketing strategy in 2016? Building your list faster, cheaper and with more high quality leads with Lead Tunnels. Find out how that’s possible below.

Official Site: LeadsTunnel.com

How Lead Tunnels Got Me Back To FB Ads

leads tunnelLet’s face it, Facebook advertising has been best form of advertising for internet marketers since the golden days of Adwords. The ability to laser target users based on age, gender, preferences, interests and even cat videos is unmatched by any other platform. With just a few clicks you can choose and pick your prefect costumer.

However, all of this came at a price. The price of clicks quickly increased as more and more marketers realized the power of FB advertising. In just a year or so the clicks started to cost 10 times what they did and many marketers started to give up as they couldn’t compete with the  gurus spending thousands of dollars per day.

That is around the time that I decided it to give it a rest as well.The truth is that I simply didn’t want to overpay for leads, despite of their quality. And you’re still doing Facebook adverting the old way, you’re loosing money.

You Don’t Want To Loose Money

That’s a fact and it is preciously the reason I waited so long to get back to Facebook advertising. However, now with Lead Ads and Leads Tunnel it is finally time to do so.

Leads Tunnel Review

It’s a Facebook approved app that connects Lead Ads directly to your autoresponder. This way it is possible to get high quality FB leads for $0.5 or $0.10 each without any manual work or other third-party software.

The APP works with 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your Facebook to LeadTunnels
  2. Run A Lead Ads campaign
  3. Watch as your list grows

lead tunnels

One of the best parts about LeadsTunnel is how easily it is to get quality leads using it. In fact, these leads are even better than with other forms of Facebook advertising. How is that?

lead adslead adslead adslead adslead adsleadadsSimple, most ads work by directing the user to a third-party website or landing page to capture the lead. When that happens people automatically turn back or close the page up to 50% of the time.  And those that don’t will often put in fake or secondary emails to get the offer.

On the other hand with lead ads everything happens on Facebook. This way the visitors and potential lead never has to leave Facebook to sign up to be yiour subscriber. This increases opt in rates by up to 10 times as you have Facebook’s trust and authority on your side. Now add the fact that the email they sign up will be the one on Facebook account makes it that much better.

So to recape here’s what LeadTunnels can do

  • Your opt-in gets instead trust because it shows up on FB and not your site
  • 1 click subscription and 1 click confirmation is all it takes
  • You capture the FB email address and real name (so no spam emails)
  • Email address go directly to you auto-responder
  • Easy mobile advertising

How To Use LeadTunnels Properly?

lead adsleads ad tunnelWhile after some testing and split testing many of the users can get leads that are worth at least a $1 per month for $0.05 to $0.10 each, how you?

Here’s the thing. It seems that even if you put in little effort and do no split testing you’re still can get Facebook high quality leads for less than $0.50 each in the internet marketing niche. That’s really impressive considering you most pay around $1 or so per click and not a lead in most places. Leda will cost double that or at least $1.50 each.

However, let’s put this into a perspective. If you decide to spend $10 on traffic with Leads Tunnel that will mean at least 20 leads, but it will more likely be 50. With other traffic sources you will be really lucky to get 7.

That means by switching to Lead Tunnels you will be building your list at least 3 times faster and cheaper. What is there not to love?

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