Dark Post Engine Review – FB Ads Missing Link? Bonus Inside

Is Dark Post Engine the missing link in your failed ads campaign? Find out how this 2 in 1 software can save you months of  learning proper Facebook advertising like a pros do it.

Creator: Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam
Official Site: http://darkpostengine.com

Dark Post Engine: The Missing Link In FB Ads

dark post engineIf you ever purchased a course or system on paid advertising you most likely did it because of the great results shown in the sales video. Results like 300% , 500% or even 1000% ROI are often displayed proudly by creators.

However, did you ever get that results like the ones in the video? Most likely no, and it is not your fault. The problem is that guys selling these courses have years of experience creating and optimizing ads to reach those ROI.

That is why you can learn their strategies, watch over the shoulder case-studies, but unless one of these guys actually manages your specific campaign, you will mostly not get that kind of results. The reason is that every ad will be a bit different and unless you have experience it is hard to know what to change.

So what are you left with? For years it was to find a great strategy and just stick with it for months (testing and losing money) until you’re profitable. However, maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could find the most popular posts on a specific FB page and than discover the ads that are running for it?

This way you would have a complete picture of what to post and what ads to run based on engagement (shares and likes) numbers.  Best part? Unlike case studies that show you just 1 or 2 campaigns with this you can use any FB page you want. That means your competition, similar offers, big gurus and many more.

Inside Dark Post Engine

dark post engine members area

As you can see above DarkPostEngine is 2 in one software.

Top Page Engine software helps you find the post with most engagement.  So you will know what people are interest in and help you craft something similr (or just copy the one you find?)

Dark Post Engine Software on the other hand unlocks the ads compaings if Facebook for a specific FB fan page or post.  So not only can you know the posts that are getting the most traction in your niche, but the exact ad copy used.

This give you the rare ability to pick winning ads campaigns from the start. You don’t even need soplit testing or cosotnly adjusting your ads.

So what are you waiting for? Get Dark Post Engine below now.


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