Exact Model Review – Just Copy The Pros And Earn?

So how important is Exact Model for your business? A copy can either make or break you online, find out how and why in the review below.

Creator: Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim
Official Site: exactmodel.com/go
Price: $297 (50% discount)

unicorn-machineAre You a Unicorn Machine?

First of all, if you’re getting a 11.45% conversion rate or above on all or most of your pages. You honestly don’t need Exact Model, you’re area in the 10% of top online advertiser in the world. Or basically a unicorn creating machine.

However, for us mere mortals with 1% to 3% conversion rate on average Exact Model offers a glimpse into the 5% conversion rate or even 10% and above. So you might want to check it out.

Traffic VS Copy? The never ending battle

copywritingMost system out there focus on traffic generation, after all traffic, AKA visitors to your site,  is the bloodline of any online business, right? Yes, trying to to run a business without online traffic is like trying to drive a car without gas.

However, if you car is a piece of crap, or you don’t have one at all, then you’re not going to get far no matter how much gas you have.

So in the end you need both traffic and copy to make sales. The only difference is that once you start to understand the inner workings of online marketing you’ll find out that traffic is the east part. In fact, Anik and Jimmy included some fine traffic generation strategies inside Exact Model. Plus if you get it using my link you’ll also receive my unlimited traffic bonus for free, more details below.  So you don’t even have to worry about traffic.

Let’s Talk Conversions Myths and Facts

If you think about it, 1% to 3% conversion might seem low. Especially if you have seen those “internet” gurus claiming they get 50% or more. Which possible with once sentence click baits that trick people into a free offers.

convertion-ratesHowever, that’s not the conversion rates that set industry standards. For conversion to count it has to bring in value. That is why most industries are between 1% to 3% on average.

Take a look for yourself:

Let’s see how this works in real life example. Let’s say you’re promoting  one of the many digital products found on ClickBank. With a average price of $47, and 75% commission you would  be getting $35.25 for each sale you make.

So at a 1% conversion rate you’ll be getting 1 sales every 100 visitors. If you increase the conversion rate by 1% you will ultimately double your money with 2 sales for ever 100 visitors.  Meaning you can increase your income by 100% by just increasing conversion rate to 2%.

In the end, $35.25 to $70.50 doesn’t seem like a big difference, right? So let’s take a look what would happen to your income if you had 100 visitors per day.

statisticsThis changes things, doesn’t it? For example with just 1 offer,  100 visitors per day and a conversation rate of 5% you’ll be able to earn $4,998.75 in a month. Cam you see why having better copy yo increase your conversion rate is so important?

Let’s Talk About Exact Model

exact-model-productEugene Schwartz, legendary copywriter, said that you don’t write great copy, you assemble it. You assemble it by taking a series of building blocks and by putting them into a certain structures, you are building a little city of desire for your person to come and live in.

This actually makes perfect sense if you think about it.  Just remember the last good sales page you saw. It mostly likely was broken down into segments with their own focus.

It seems that this is exactly what Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal has done with Exact Model. They took their own experience with copy-writing and selling over $150 million in online products to break down copy into hundreds structures that you pick and choose from.

That’s why this isn’t a copy-writing course, despite that you will be learning it as you go, because you will already have all the best structures to use. Now all you have to do is complete it to make your own little city of desire.

What do you get with ExactModel?

  • Top 40 Email Templates – fill in the blanks templates that are proven to convert
  • 168 Effective Sales Letters – the meat of the course. You can use these to promote anything in the 12 most popular niches online that include:
    niches-exactmodelBest part? ith minor tweaking you can use these for articles, blog posts, promos or any other content on your website, social accounts or profiles.
  • 20 Upsells – copy to increase value of every customer you get
  • 12 Downsells – great way to save a sale from those more picky buyers

As you can see, no matter what content you need written, you can automate it with Exact Model. However, this is about to get better.

Free Traffic For You: My Exact Model Bonus

exact-model-bonusSo remember how we talked about Traffic Vs Copy? Like I promised,  if you by using THIS LINK or any other on this page, you will receive my done for you traffic bonus. What does that mean? It means I’ll:

  • Help you with your On-Page SEO so you will start getting traffic immediately
  • Build a full SEO campaign to your website, page or any web property that will results in long term free traffic based on keywords you select and wee agree on.

noNow You Have No Excuse!

With Exact Model you’ll be getting a way to create copy in minutes for any product, service or promotion online. And thanks to my bonus you’ll be getting  visitors to your page without any extra work.

All you have to do is take action. Click below to get Exact Model now and leave me a comment on bonus details.

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