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Want to know the hottest email marketing strategy in 2016? Building your list faster, cheaper and with more high quality leads with Lead Tunnels. Find out how that’s possible below.

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How Lead Tunnels Got Me Back To FB Ads

leads tunnelLet’s face it, Facebook advertising has been best form of advertising for internet marketers since the golden days of Adwords. The ability to laser target users based on age, gender, preferences, interests and even cat videos is unmatched by any other platform. With just a few clicks you can choose and pick your prefect costumer.

However, all of this came at a price. The price of clicks quickly increased as more and more marketers realized the power of FB advertising. In just a year or so the clicks started to cost 10 times what they did and many marketers started to give up as they couldn’t compete with the  gurus spending thousands of dollars per day.

That is around the time that I decided it to give it a rest as well.The truth is that I simply didn’t want to overpay for leads, despite of their quality. And you’re still doing Facebook adverting the old way, you’re loosing money.

You Don’t Want To Loose Money

That’s a fact and it is preciously the reason I waited so long to get back to Facebook advertising. However, now with Lead Ads and Leads Tunnel it is finally time to do so.

Leads Tunnel Review

It’s a Facebook approved app that connects Lead Ads directly to your autoresponder. This way it is possible to get high quality FB leads for $0.5 or $0.10 each without any manual work or other third-party software.

The APP works with 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect your Facebook to LeadTunnels
  2. Run A Lead Ads campaign
  3. Watch as your list grows

lead tunnels

One of the best parts about LeadsTunnel is how easily it is to get quality leads using it. In fact, these leads are even better than with other forms of Facebook advertising. How is that?

lead adslead adslead adslead adslead adsleadadsSimple, most ads work by directing the user to a third-party website or landing page to capture the lead. When that happens people automatically turn back or close the page up to 50% of the time.  And those that don’t will often put in fake or secondary emails to get the offer.

On the other hand with lead ads everything happens on Facebook. This way the visitors and potential lead never has to leave Facebook to sign up to be yiour subscriber. This increases opt in rates by up to 10 times as you have Facebook’s trust and authority on your side. Now add the fact that the email they sign up will be the one on Facebook account makes it that much better.

So to recape here’s what LeadTunnels can do

  • Your opt-in gets instead trust because it shows up on FB and not your site
  • 1 click subscription and 1 click confirmation is all it takes
  • You capture the FB email address and real name (so no spam emails)
  • Email address go directly to you auto-responder
  • Easy mobile advertising

How To Use LeadTunnels Properly?

lead adsleads ad tunnelWhile after some testing and split testing many of the users can get leads that are worth at least a $1 per month for $0.05 to $0.10 each, how you?

Here’s the thing. It seems that even if you put in little effort and do no split testing you’re still can get Facebook high quality leads for less than $0.50 each in the internet marketing niche. That’s really impressive considering you most pay around $1 or so per click and not a lead in most places. Leda will cost double that or at least $1.50 each.

However, let’s put this into a perspective. If you decide to spend $10 on traffic with Leads Tunnel that will mean at least 20 leads, but it will more likely be 50. With other traffic sources you will be really lucky to get 7.

That means by switching to Lead Tunnels you will be building your list at least 3 times faster and cheaper. What is there not to love?

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