Les Brown’s Laws of Success Review – The “Greatness” Within You?

Let’s cut the BS and get straight to how Les Brown’s Laws of Success will change the way you look at your life. Is it really like Les says? Do you have greatest in you?

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les brownThe “Greatest” Within You

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you most likely have been told you’re great at one point or other when you were young. Maybe it was from your parents, grandparents, other family members or your favorite teacher.

However, if you are like most of us, with time you heard it less and less, and even when you did, you didn’t believe it. You took it as rambling of an old lady, or something along those lines. Especially once life started throwing you some curved balls and slapped you around for a bit. At this point you most likely felt it was childish to think you are great or special in any way. This is the real world after all, right?

If the above statements describe you in any shape of form, don’t worry, most of us are like that. If it doesn’t, then you’re lucky, but stick around because if you’re reading this, I know you still yearn for more.

les brown's laws of success reviewThe Truth Will Set You Free

I know all if this will not describe everyone 100%, but I’m always amazed how similar many people feel. Don’t be ashamed of it or try to play it off as if it doesn’t affect you. That’s what I did half of my adult life.

The truth is that I was one of those kids who got told he was great when I was young, until I wasn’t. Basically, once I started having my own ideas I stopped being great for my parents, and from then on it all I heard was how I’m wasting my potential.

Worse part? They never let me forget it, and every time I stumbled or fell they would lay it on me. However, once I actually picked myself up and got results, it in their minds it was somehow thanks to them. So you can’t win with negativity, and Les Brown talks about greatly on Laws of Success.

Overview of Laws of Success

So what do you get? The Les Brown LoS includes 12 chapters or laws, both in audio and text  form. It will take your passion, or find it first, to the next level while banking you big. A truly win-win situation.

les brown's laws of success

Here are all the Laws:

  1. Listen to Your Heart
  2. Leverage Your Gifts and Talents
  3. Let Go of Your F.E.A.R.
  4. Locate Your Team Members
  5. Lift Up Your Mind with Self Development
  6. Leave All Negativity and Toxins Behind
  7. Follow the Success Trails That Have Been Paved Before You
  8. Leap and Grow Your Wings on The Way Down
  9. Create Multiple Streams of Income
  10. Light Up Each Room You Enter
  11. Lead by Serving the Needs of Others
  12. Laugh out Loud and Enjoy Every Moment

les brown's losI’m not going to bore you any further by trying to explain each law individually, Les Brown does it much better, so just listen (or read it yourself). However, let me just tell you that this book will change your life.

If might not be with these great “AHA” moments like it was for me, and many others, in several chapters of this book. But once you listen to it, or do it a couple of times, everything will start making a lot more sense. You will see where you been and where you going much clearer. Imn results you will focus on your goals with better precision and determination.

So don’t waste any more time not being great, and find the greatest within you with the Les Brown’s Laws of Success now.

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