Xtreme Builder Review – Jimmy Kim

You think you don’t need Xtreme Builder by Jimmy Kim? Check out my review below to see how this drag-and-drop builder payed for itself in less than a day.  If you’re serious about marketing online you will want to know about it.

Official Site: XtremeBuilder.com
The price is going up today!

Inside XtremeBuilder


One of the things that I used to love when starting out my online career is building website with WordPress. It doesn’t matter that it took me hour to figure out how change the simple widget, it was something new and exiting

However, as I started getting visitors, leads and finally commissions I knew I had more important things to focus on than learning how to add a like button to my website. After all I was a marketer and not a graphic designer.

So this left me two options:

  1. Hire/outsource someone to create sites for me
  2. Buy specific themes for each website

The first one was out of the question because I simply didn’t have the money to pay someone $30 per hour or more to work on my sites.

The option 2 was much better on my budget but lacked customization and after a couples of sites became too expensive as well.

So what did I do? I decide to use free stuff on my blogs like this one and just buy premium themes on my niche sites that needed to look more professional.

Xtreme BuilderNo more! After getting my hands on the Xtreme Builder I’m happy to say that I’ll never purchase abother overpriced single website theme again. In fact, I was just going to buy one for $49 the same day I bought XtremeBuilder.

Just check out what this baby can do in the video below.

This software not only saved me money on the themes I was already buying, but it also stopped me from using 3-party optin-page builders and plugins. You know, the ones that supposedly make great looking landing pages but for some reason are not compatible with current version of Word Press.

So do yourself a favor and grab Jimmy Kim’s XtremeBuilder while you still can.

Xtreme Builder Bonus

Not sure about it? That is why I decided to include a total graphic park to take XtremeBuilder to the next level. With it you’ll be able to create any site or landing page how you want it.

No more limitations on what a plugin or a theme can do. No more spending hundreds of dollars on a website that still looks like crap. Just an easy way to build and publish profesionally looking sites in minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Get Xtreme Builder below now.

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